Core Values

Prestige:  Prestige has always been highly evaluated in the relationships ... and FAITH is the highest value to be built and maintained by Karofi.

Creativity: Innovation and creativity are the ongoing activities of the Company and each member so as to provide better solutions. Karofi has been the pioneer in creating the best products and services to protect the people’s health.

Leadership: In the light of the Group and Board of Directors’ strategies and policies, Karofi has strived to be the leader not only in the quality of goods and services but also in the responsibilities to the community and society.

Consistency: Throughout its orientation of development, Karofi has always been consistent to follow a specific roadmap and attempt its best for that goal.

Human respect: With the concept of considering human development as sustainable development, Karofi has always paid attention to provide each individual with the best opportunity to develop himself/herself as well as his/her career. The care of employees’ spiritual lives has particularly been concerned by the Management.

Social Responsibilities: Karofi has always dedicated to the society with the great responsibility to protect the health of all families. Also, in the process of its development, activities, associated itself with social work and charity for a better society, are necessary for Karofi.