Advanced RO technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology

In contrast with the conventional osmosis, in RO technology, with the tremendous speed and pressure of RO pump, the continuous water flows on the surface of the RO membrane. A portion of the water molecules pass through tiny filtering holes while the remaining impurities are washed away by the discharged flow, thereby, the RO membrane is always clean, durable and water quality is more highly met than conventional filters.

How does a RO membrane work?

A RO membrane is composed of thin films made from a special material (TFC - Thin Film Composite), fastened and rolled together into a spiral configuration. On the surface of the membrane consists of about 0.1 - 0.5 nanometer sized tiny holes (being just larger than a few H­2O molecules), therefore, only allowing water molecules to pass through to provide your family with pure water. The reason for doing so is that dissolved solids (i.e. pesticides, industrial dyes, etc.) often having large particle size can not pass through the RO membrane. Bacteria (being few micrometers in size), or smaller virus (being a few tens of nanometers in size), are all dozens of times bigger than the size of the holes on the RO membrane, or metal ions despite being small suffer hydration (surrounded by water molecules and become more bulky), therefore, can not get through the RO membrane. All are blocked and ejected in the sewage.

Operation principle of RO membranes

The RO membrane’s surface has tiny holes, so electricity is used to generate the pumping pressure forcing pure water to pass through the membrane. However, users do not have to worry about not having water in case of a power failure since Karofi water purifiers are equipped with up to 10 litters pure water tanks and automatic filtering mechanism to fill the tanks when water is taken, therefore, ensuring drinking water quality for the entire family of 5 people per day.

According to the horizontal sliding mechanism, water after reaching the membrane will be split into two parts: one part is absolutely pure water and the rest is water with impurities to be expelled together with wastewater. Thus, the RO membranes have higher reliability than membranes of other filtration technology. As part of dirt is washed out by reject flow. The amount of wastewater are doubles the pure water volume, but is cleaner than the input for the reason that water prior to reaching the RO membrane has gone through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd filter system with the smallest hole size of 1 micron, so contaminants, rust, larvae, odor and toxic organics have all been retained. Users can use the wastewater for washing cars, watering plants, cleaning floor, washing dishes, doing laundry or reverting by directly discharging to the initial water supply underground tank for reuse.

After passing through the RO membrane, water is pure. Hence, RO water purifiers will be supplemented by functional cartridges behind the RO membranes such as T33 activated carbon, mineral stone and Nano silver cartridges and many others to offset enough necessary trace minerals and other nutrients for the body.

Differences of RO membranes in Karofi water purifiers

Considered as the "heart" - an important component of RO water purifiers, the quality of RO membranes decides the quality of the entire equipment. However, now on the market, there are many types of RO membranes, not any kind of which is genuine and safe.

In the World, USA RO Dow FilmtecTM membranes are evaluated to the high-quality and prestigious products. The products helped Dow receive the award "One of ten world protectors". Karofi is proud to be the first official and sole Vietnamese partner of Dow Water & Process Solution (DW & PS) in the strategy to co-develop Dow FilmtecTM brand. This partnership is the most convincing evidence for the quality of Karofi water purifiers in general and RO membranes supplied by Karofi in particular.

Photo fo Certificate of official partner with DOW  and Mr.Tran Trung Dung, Karofi's CEO signed cooperation agreements with Dr. Wang Xiaolian, representative of the Dow Chemical Company in Asia-Pacific

With the application of advanced RO technology in water purifier production and commitment to genuine membrane quality, Karofi undertakes to provide intelligent and high-quality RO water purifiers, serving the needs of clean water and jointly contributing to protecting consumers’ health.

Source: Karofi Viet Nam