7 criteria for selection of the best RO water purifier for families

RO water purifier is indispensable items helping water treatment for the life of each family today. However among numerous brands in the market, it is really difficult for consumers to choose a good water purifier system matching their demands. Here are 7 criteria to help choose the best RO water purifier system to ensure safety for our health.

1. Water source features

Some indication for “unclean” water can be recognized by senses such as muddy water, white residue in water heaters, hot water pipes contaminated by calcium or magnesium or with black residue in tanks contaminated by Manganese, etc. Also, with other unusual signs, colors and odors, it is sure that our water suffers problems and need to be treated.

Nước nhiễm Canxi, Magiê gây cặn trắng bám ở đáy ấm

Water is contaminated by calcium and magnesium

causing white residue at the bottom of the heater.

However, many polluted water sources cannot be perceived with the naked eyes, partly identified by support tools such as electrolytic pens, TDS pens, PH meters, etc. The most exact method to check water sources is to take samples and then send them to the quality measurement agencies for inspection like the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health - Ministry of Health and Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality - Ministry of Science and Technology. If possible, you should actively send test samples to learn the family water. This is the basis to select the proper number and type of filter cartridges for thoroughly treating water problems.

2. Demands for household water use

Do you use water only for domestic activities or drinking and eating? How many members are there in your family? Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose water purifier with various capacities (10L/h, 15L/h, 30L/h, etc.).

For example, your family has 5 people. The drinking water amount for each person is 2 liters/day, then the total amount for the whole family is 10 liters of water, added by 10 liters of water for cooking and 10 liters for other domestic activities such as washing fruits and vegetables and taking a bath for the infant and many more, totally being 30 liters of water. If the purifier with a capacity of 10l/h is use, it takes only 180 minutes of filtering to provide enough clean water for the whole family.

3. Desired filtering level number

Different filtering levels form various water purifier. A RO Water purifier for families consists of 5 basic filtering levels which are: 



4.      Economical feature

Regarding the economical feature, users should pay attention to the indicators on electricity, water, cost or maintenance cost saving, etc. On average for a water purifier with a capacity of 10l/h, around 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month is reasonable. The amount of wastewater should be saved but still within the permissible standards.

The investment in choosing a good and high-quality water purifier can minimize any problems arising in the repair and replacement of parts. Water purifier of prestigious brands with dedicated customer care services also saves you the maintenance costs during use; therefore, the investment costs may be lower than normal.

5.      Product quality

Since human life quality has been increasingly enhanced, a water purifier not merely functions to filter water but it is also safe and convenient. Over the time of use, filter cartridges will be dirty and affect the water quality, even making the output worse than the input if not replaced on time. Hence, you should choose a smart water purifier with automatic features (such as automatic cartridge replacement alarm, automatic membrane washing and automatic weak water supply alarm). Thus, the entire purifier, especially the filter cartridges will always be guaranteed to be in the best quality with effectiveness and efficiency of use.

Moreover, quality of parts, operation efficiency and aesthetic features are also essential criteria for evaluating a good water filter product.

Máy lọc nước thông minh Karofi iRO 1.1

6.      Prestigious brands

Water purifier of prestigious brands must ensure the proven output quality meeting national standards on direct drinking water (National Technical Code 06-1:2010/BYT) or certified production processes satisfying ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Consumers should choose products of reputable manufacturers and guaranteed origin with full warranty and after-sales benefits and especially brands with anti-counterfeiting stamps and QR codes to check the genuine products.

Karofi genuine product stamp

7. Customer Services

A water purifier is not only good at its quality but also at its after-sales policies and services. When purchasing a product, users should pay attention to the dedication, swiftness and policies of transportation, installation, warranty, maintenance and after-sales services. For the most confidence, customers should choose to buy water purifier at the reputed agents and distributors of companies with commitment to product and service quality.

With seven criteria provided by Karofi, it is possible that you will get answers to the question which RO water purifier is good for your family. Hopefully, with the above-mentioned experience, you will choose for yourself a satisfactory water purifier, meeting your family’s demand for clean and pure water..

Source: Karofi VietNam